We would all love to live in a better home; a bigger bathroom, a spacious living room, and a beautiful kitchen. Renovating your home breathes new life into your living space. However, before you take that sledgehammer and start bringing down the walls, here are five things that you should consider.

DIY or Hire a Professional?

So many people do a few changes to their home on their own. You could lay tiles, paint the house, build a cabinet, and so forth. However, do not attempt to handle major changes if you do not have the expertise such as carpentry and electrical wiring skills.

Can You Afford to Renovate?

Renovation is an extra liability on your bank account and you still have to pay bills at the same time! Sit down and evaluate your finances to determine if you have enough to take care of the cost. Make a budget that gives infrastructural changes the first priority. You can make cosmetic changes later on or one at a time.

Do You Need a Permit?

In Canberra, you do not need a permit to do small renovations on your home. However, for large alterations that involve additions and changes in the house structure, plumbing, and electrical wiring, you need a permit. Visit your local authorities to check on the requirements for a permit.

Where Will You Stay While You Renovate?

You can still use your home if you are not doing major renovations. You can handle each room at a time and move to others until the particular room is done. However, for major alterations, you might not be able to handle the dirt and dust that comes with the work. Organize where you will be staying for the time being. You may live in a hotel or have a friend accommodate you.

Get Advice

It is okay that you know what you want. However, you need a third and fourth opinion about the project especially if it is a major alteration. Start by talking to the family members that live with you and agree on what needs to be done. Next, talk to homebuilders and construction experts on the structural integrity of your home and the feasibility of your project. In addition, talk to interior designers and other building experts depending on area of the home that is being renovated. You may need to make changes to your initial plan as you get some new information. If you’re in Canberra and thinking about renovating give Torres Homes a call. We can help you with everything from setting a budget to incorporating green technology into your renovation.